About Dee

Smiling Dee Collins, young vegetarian woman is standing in a health food shop and she smiles at us. She is holding basket full of different vegetables such as lettuce, tomatoes and various kind of beans.

“It’s vegan, but not as you know it. Tasty, Filling and nutritious – no wonder we say ‘Goodness!”

I created Dee’s Wholefoods at the very beginning in my own kitchen, I always wanted to work for myself and just knew that people were tired of boring food laden with additives.

I traded in my car for a van and prepared veggie burgers each evening after work to sell at farmer’s markets and festivals and the result was… everybody loved them! So, I decided to quit my job, develop packaging and sell them into supermarkets. My customers wrote me lots of letters asking me to develop the range, so I soon added tasty veg pots, quinoa pots and a range of veggie sausages.

As a nutritionist I believe when you eat better, you feel better. It’s that simple. That’s why I use only the best quality natural and organic ingredients loaded with health benefits and free of the bad stuff; no gluten or artificial additives, no soy, dairy, GMO or wheat.

And it’s all meat free…enjoy!

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