How to Lose Weight as a Vegan

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With obesity now reaching epidemic levels in a host of first world and developing countries, [link ] many people are looking for ways to follow a healthy diet that will have a positive impact on their waistlines.  However, with a variety of fad diets saturating the media on an almost daily basis, it can be difficult for individuals to make an informed decision about which diet is better for their health and will in turn help them reduce their risk of becoming obese and all of the negative impacts that can have an a person’s health.

But in the melee, more and more studies are pointing toward the adoption of a plant-based, vegan diet as being the best diet for health and sensible weight loss.  Scientists are uncovering evidence to suggest that diets high in the consumption of vegetables, legumes, wholegrains, fruits and seeds and lower in animal based products are healthier [link ] and more sustainable with a positive impact on waistlines too. At Dee’s our philosophy is that ‘Goodness is Tasty,’ and by making some simple changes to your diet and reducing the amount of animal products you consume you can expect to see a dramatic improvement on your health and waistline without compromising on taste.  Most of us now realise that a vegan diet is always going to be naturally lower in cholesterol and saturated fats than an animal based diet, but a recent study [link ] by the Journal of Internal Medicine found some revealing evidence about just how good a vegan diet is for weight loss. The research included information from 1,151 dieters who had followed different diet plans for between nine and 74 weeks. The results showed that those who followed a vegetarian diet lost an average of 1.48kg more than those on other diets, while vegans lost 2.52kg more than their non-vegetarian counterparts.

It makes for interesting reading, but do bear in mind that going vegan can still leave you open to consuming a range of junk foods that are high in sugars and additives which, while strictly vegan, aren’t good for controlling your weight. Instead, to try and stick to a healthy, sustainable weight loss plan. Look at including more wholegrains in your vegan diet which are ideal for helping your tummy feel fuller for longer. Cut down on unnecessary sugars and watch your portion control. Don’t forget it pays to do your research before beginning the move toward more plant-based foods and reducing the amount of animal foods you consume. The Vegan Society [ link ] has a range of helpful information about how to go vegan, as well as some top tips and recipes too.  And remember that all of Dee’s delicious foods are naturally balanced and are all meat, dairy, gluten, egg and GMO free and don’t contain any nasty additives either, making them an ideal addition to your healthy daily diet.


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‘Goodness is Tasty!’ It’s a philosophy I’ve always believed in, but it’s something I’ve found hard to see in reality on the shelves of my local supermarket when buying food. The situation was vividly brought home to me after completing my degree in Food Science at UCC. I was suddenly confronted with the truth about the array of additives that are routinely pumped into our foods and the effect it has on our health. They say knowledge is power and after my degree I was put on the path to a more natural, wholefood and plant-based diet.